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Volunteers are needed to assist with control of invasive plants in Upper Arlington Parks.  If you can participate on at least one work day per year then we are interested in adding you to our list of potential volunteers.


Work day activities including cutting woody invasive plants with hand tools, carrying or dragging cut material to a pile or a chipper, applying herbicide to cut stumps, and picking up trash.  We will also occasionally participate in replanting of native trees and shrubs after invasive plants have been substantially controlled.


Please review the list of volunteer safety tips before your first event.


Tools, work gloves, and safety glasses are provided for all volunteers.


You will be asked to sign a waiver on your first day as a volunteer. ​


Click here to see the next scheduled work day.


Friends of Upper Arlington Parks is an all volunteer group.  We do not have a dedicated funding source.


Donations can be made through the Upper Arlington Community Foundation.  Contributions will be used for the purchase of supplies, tools, and outreach purposes (e. g. this website).  Please be sure to indicate that your contribution is for Friends of Upper Arlington Parks.

Removing invasive plants from your home garden will help prevent them from spreading to our parks.  Many invasive plants like bush honeysuckle produce berries that are eaten by birds, which disperse the seeds to our parks and natural areas.


There are many attractive native plants that are suitable replacements for non-native invasive plants like honeysuckle. 

Are you interested in learning more about the different species of trees growing in our parks and perhaps planting them in yours? Try going on a self-guided Tree Trek

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